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Why Painting Is Great for Your Mental Health

Why Painting Is Great for Your Mental Health

Painting is a fun and relaxing activity that anyone can do, regardless of their talent and experience. Especially painting by numbers is a nice and simple activity that is also rewarding and has multiple benefits. And today we will take a closer look at some of them:


  1. It Reduces Stress – everyone who already painted knows this, and scientists have also confirmed it: painting does reduces stress. A study made on 39 adults of various ages showed that when they painted for 45 minutes they drastically reduced the stress in their bodies. The studied showed that the younger people benefited even more from the benefits of painting.


  1. It Reduces Depression – people that were suffering from depression and tried to paint said that this gave them a new sense of purpose, more energy and feelings of pride. Whenever they completed a painting they were feeling accomplished, something that they haven’t felt for a long time. Studies have shown that 6 out of 9 people who tried to paint felt significant improvements in mood, self-esteem and wellbeing.


For people who are very self-conscious and lack any self-confidence, specialists recommend an easier form of painting (such as painting by numbers), since it makes it way easier for them. They just have to follow some simple instructions, and the final result will be an amazing painting.


  1. It Increases Empathy and Tolerance – a study has shown that people who visited a museum showed more critical thinking skills, empathy for how people used to live in the past and more tolerance to others. Being observant and giving attention to details is an important skill, especially for children and students. They can achieve this either by watching paintings and other works of art, and also through painting by numbers.


  1. Increases Creativity – while painting comes more naturally to people who are inclined to arts, it also comes in very handy to those that are more analytical. This way they can develop their right side of the brain (responsible to creativity) and then apply the new information to their job or their daily life.


  1. Boosts Memory – painting improves visualization and implementation skills, but it also helps with memory. Those who are practicing creative activities on a regular basis have smaller chances to suffer from a memory loss disease when they get old.


  1. Improves Problem Solving and Motor Skills – even though the painter starts with a clear plan in mind, things may not work accordingly along the way. So that person needs to come up with creative solutions, which improves problem solving skills and thinking outside the box. Painting also improves coordination between the brain and the hands, thus developing motor skills. These skills can then be applied in everyday life as well.


For all of these reasons and many more others, we recommend you to try painting by numbers. We have plenty of designs to choose from and the kit includes everything that you might possible need. Order one today!



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