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Last but not least, we have the collection of our best-selling paintings. So in case you don’t have enough time to browse through all the collections and find some designs that you like, then simply check out the ones that were the most appreciated by other people. The collection includes 34 models that have passed the test of multiple happy clients.
Here you will find a pink house which seems to be taken from the Hansel and Gretel story, L’Arc de Triomphe, The London Bridge, a beautiful lake in a forest, a powerful lion, a delicious cup of coffee, a nice Ferris Wheel, a park, a stunning countryside landscape and even some funny-looking and very colorful animals (a monkey, a cat and a fox). So as you can see, the tastes of people are very diverse, some of them preferring simple and elegant paintings, while others choosing colorful and unusual ones.
But no matter which ones you prefer, here at Lovielo we have everything you need! Choose your design and order it today!
34 products