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About Us

Did you ever feel the need to show off your art craft to your friends but ended up short handed of your dream painting?

We at Lovielo - Painting By Numbers have the answer to your problem!

We are here to help any and all people bring out thier artistic side.

Try and imagine looking at a canvas through the eyes of your favorite artist, knowing exactly where you should paint at all times.

seems like a dream doesnt it?

here at Lovielo we make that dream a reality by the art of painting by numbers - do it yourself!


  • We sell art canvasses that have small numbers suggesting specific numbers to match certain areas. this way anyone can figure out correlations between colors and paint a masterpiece without any art education, only passion is needed with Lovielo!
  • These are made by designers dedicated to creating canvases that play on a broad range of skill difficulty. If you've never painted before, the numbers marked on the canvas will serve as a clear guide for you to follow, allowing the user to practice color blending and mixing. For more experienced artists, we give room to improvise, play with depth or add your own touches.
  • Even our manufacturers provide vibrant paints that will accurately match the reference photograph. Their paint brushes, an important tool for any artist, will ensure that every stroke serves its purpose.

At Lovielo we are all comitted to giving you the perfect experience, freeing your creativity while releasing your day to day stress.

What are you waiting for? Choose your design!