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Lovielo sees great importance in securing the site and invests considerable resources in developing and upgrading the site's systems, in order to maintain the security of the information and to enable a safe shopping experience.

Where are the servers located?

  • The servers of the site are stored in the "Shopify" secure server farm. The servers are protected by tools that prevent access to servers and resources on the site from unauthorized parties.

Need to make a purchase only with PayPal?
Lovielo offers 2 options for safe purchase:

  1. Quick and secure purchase through PayPal account, thus making a full transaction without entering your credit card information.
  2. Of course we respect every card and you can order without PayPal

How are billing information secure with Credit Cards?

  • At the time of booking, you will be taken to a secure page on the PCI-DSS SSL protocol. The page is provided by Icount, which is the highest in the field, and is an unequivocal requirement of the credit card companies to perform credit card charges on the Internet. The clearing server is completely disconnected from the Lovielo site servers and therefore it is not possible to access your credit card details through the website. Moreover, credit card details are not stored at all on any server, but are transferred directly to one-time clearing.


Why should an existing customer have to type their credit card information on each purchase?

  • As mentioned above, for a double guarantee, the customer's credit card details are not stored at all on the server, but are transferred directly to one-time clearing on each purchase.

The use of the site and all the services and products offered therein are the responsibility of the user only. The Company assumes no responsibility for the use of the Site's services and products other than for the purpose for which they are intended. The user agrees and agrees that no use will be made of the services and products offered on the site in order to commit any offense and / or any wrong and / or any other violation of the provisions of any law. Without derogating from the generality of the foregoing, the user undertakes not to commit any infringement of copyright and / or trademarks and / or a sample and / or a patent, and not to use the services and products offered for defamation and / or infringement of privacy and / And / or encouraging the violation of the law and / or the publication of content that is profane and / or racist.

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